Destiny Pick Up Lines

Destiny Pick Up Lines

Looking for Destiny pick up lines? Destiny is a famous online FPS video game with millions of users. If you want to date or impress any guardian then these best online pick up lines are just for you. All guardians out there let’s start.

Destiny Pick Up Lines Only True Gamers Will Appreciate

*knocked on the door* “Who is it?” “It’s destiny, my love.”

Hey baby, You’re my destiny.

Hey Are you a Pope cuz you let me scream like a Bear.

I got a couple blue engram’s for you to take care of.

It was my destiny to meet you.

I love you so much, walking around in the circle why i do this mission for you.

Hey baby, I’m a level 32 titan. you tryna fuck.

You must be Destiny, cause Destiny‘s in my future.

My light is hard for you right now.

Hey baby, you’ve awoken my black hammer.

Hey baby, are you a DLC? Because you make my Iron Rise.

Is that new cotton on your mod? Can i saturate your cotton?

I am Tuxedo Mask. Sailormoon, look into your heart and realize you are a warrior. It is your destiny.

Hey baby, are you a random kid in the crucible because you suck dick and it’s driving me insane.

Ey girl, are you a member of Destiny‘s Child? ‘Cause you’re above and Beyonce.

You’re my destiny & ideal type.

Are you wearing purple pants because that ass is legendary.

So, I hear version 2.0 of you is MUCH more interesting.

Can i slide into your loot cave?

Let’s take our fire team to uranus.

Hey girl, are you 9-0? Because you’re flawless.

If you were an engram, you will be an exotic in my eyes.

What time is it (on your watch)?” “It’s 4:30” “oh it’s 4:30 on mine too This IS DesTiNY!” OMG.

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