16 Short One Liner Pick Up Lines Only “DOTA” Fans Will Understand

16 Short One Liner Pick Up Lines Only “DOTA” Fans Will Understand

Are you a fan of Defense of the Ancients (DOTA)? If you are, you’ll love these DOTA pick up lines that we’ve created especially for you.

1.Babe, are you faceless void because when I’m with you, time stops.

2. Are you Razor because you make my heart electrocuted.

3. Are you an Invoker player? Because you just blasted my face.

4. Are you a stunner? Cause you’re stunning.

5. Are you a Frozen Throne or World Tree? Cause without you, there is no reason to fight anymore.

6. Are you Pudge because you caught my heart.

7. Hey girl, do you have a Butterfly? Cause I miss you all the time.

8. Are you Lina Inverse? Cause you stun me.

9. Are you The Omniknight? Cause you are my Guardian, Angel.

10. Are you the Dark Terror? Cause the world stops when I’m with you.

11. Are you Medusa? Cause looking at you is making me hard.

12. You’re like a special immortal international courier. I’m so lucky to have got you.

13. Do you play DOTA because I’m willing to Kyari you through the game?

14. Hey girl, wanna try my black king bar? No one ever used it, so it is going to last longer.

15. Do you play bot as safe lane because you look Radiant tonight?

16. Do you want to see my Laguna Blade? I face palmed.

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