16 Hilarious Halo Pick Up Lines Only True Fans Will Understand

16 Hilarious Halo Pick Up Lines Only True Fans Will Understand

Share these Halo pick up lines with your best friends who love Xbox console. The Halo series is the best-selling first-person video game for Xbox systems.

I think something is wrong with my auto-aim, I can’t take my eyes off you.

I can see myself sharing XP with you for the rest of my life.

Baby when I’m with you I can no scope In ways you can only dream of.

Was your dad a space marine? Cause your booty’s out of this world.

Baby, stay close to me, and you’ll feel all better!

Is that a Boltshot in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

My sticky detonator will always hit you in the right spot to make you explode!

Do you need a Magnum because I’ve got one right here for you? In my pants.

I would like to gain access to your base. Shall I enter from the front or the rear?

You’re just like an RPG! I can’t wait to take you home, unwrap you, put it in, and then grind away until the sun rises.

As soon as I came near you, the announcer said “un freaking believable, isn’t” and I would tend to agree.

Baby! I’ve got the longest rifle in the whole arsenal.

You know how the Rookie went down for Dare? Let’s just say I would gladly do the same for you.

My head isn’t the only thing that’s long.

I don’t usually smoke cigars, But when I do my barrels runs hot.

Time to score my flag in your base!

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