The Top 20 Funniest Minecraft Pick Up Lines

The Top 20 Funniest Minecraft Pick Up Lines

Enjoy our collection of Minecraft pick up lines you could ever find on the internet. Minecraft is the most popular survival game, where players break and place blocks. A must see pick up lines for Minecraft fans.

Redstone is Red, Lapis is blue. I would sacrifice my diamonds just to be with you.

Baby, if you were ore, I’d mine you all night long!

Hey, baby. Let’s make a couple of NPCs on the set of Monster’s, Inc.

Are you a torch because you light up my world.

Are you a lever because you turn me on.

Hey, Girl! Are you a tree farm cause every time I see you I get wood.

Are you a pig because I could put a saddle on you and ride you all night.

You must be a Redstone torch because you’re extending my piston.

Do you have a diamond pickaxe? Cause I’m harder than obsidian.

Do you have a pickaxe cause your eyes are diamonds?

I’m no creeper but can I blow up in your hole.

I know I’m not an Endermen but I just want to pick you up and take you away with me.

Are you a chest, because I’ve got a lot to put in you.

If I were a creeper, I’d go to your bedroom and explode all over you.

Want me to touch your fuel rod?

You must be from the nether because you’re out of this world.

Whats up girl. Do you want to go strip mining?

Speaking of pistons are you a slime ball cause you’re making my piston sticky.

Let’s go back to my place; I’ll show you my biome.

You must be ice because I’ve been waiting to pick you up for a long time.

Is that a creeper in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

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