15 Weed Pick Up Lines to Help You Flirt in a Smoke Session

15 Weed Pick Up Lines to Help You Flirt in a Smoke Session

If you’re a stoner, you may know well that smoking session is an ideal opportunity to make a hit on someone you are attracted to.  The eye contact, music, touching each other hand, licking and rolling the joint, the opportunities are endless. Some peoples are great at flirting when they’re high while some suck. Whether you are good or bad at flirting while high, let these 15 weed pick-up lines help you start the joint rolling.

stoner pick up lines

Hey! Let’s make like a blunt and roll.

best stoner pick up lines

I wish you were a joint. I’d roll you over and lick you up and down.

sexy stoner pick up lines

Is that a 9 inch joint in your pocket or are you happy to see me?

weed pick up lines

I’ve got 2 boarding passes. Let’s catch a flight and see where we land.

weed pick up lines

Excuse me, ma’am. Are you a joint because you’re smoking?

best weed pick up lines

Girl, I don’t need a lighter cause you’re already on fire.

weed pickup lines

What kind of grinder are you using because you’re extra fine?

girls weed pick up lines

You wanna come over to my place and suck my bong?

marijuana pick up lines

I’ve got an 18-Inch piece. Want to see?

marijuana pick up lines

Do you smoke pot because weed be cute together?

marijuana pick up lines

Your eyes are as green as the weed I’m smoking.

boys marijuana pick up lines

(Just stare for 20 seconds) Wait, What’s your name again?

sexy marijuana pick up lines

I just saw you from across the room and thoguht “I bet she needs a taco right now, too.”

marijuana pick up lines wallpaper

If you’re looking for da shit, you can stop looking. I can get you elevated.

marijuana pick up lines 420

My love 420 will not be the same without you.