The 26 Greatest Flirty The Legend of Zelda Pick Up Lines Ever

The 26 Greatest Flirty The Legend of Zelda Pick Up Lines Ever

This page shares fantasy adventure video game Legend of Zelda pick up lines. A must see pick up lines for Zelda fans. Be careful because some of these lines are dirty.

“Hey girl, want to play my ocarina of time?”

Are you a male Gerudo because men like you are only born once in a hundred years.

You’re so cute. I’ll let you enter my Temple of Time. It’s where boys become men.

You light my Deku Stick on fire.

Hey, gorgeous, I’d like to go to your Sacred Grove and shove my Master Sword deep inside your pedestal tonight!

“Are you sure there are only three triforce pieces, cuz I’m sure you have the Triforce of beauty.”

Are you a Kokiri because your beauty seems ageless.

Want to see my Hidden Skills?

You look like a fish, here’s my water stone. I’ll see you in about seven years for some sexy time.

I want to make you wetter than the Zora Temple.

I don’t need the song of storms to make you wet.

Are you not 18 yet? No problem, I know the Song of Time.

Would you like some of my sand in your hourglass?

Hey baby, can I buy you a potion?

I’d better put on the Goron Tunic because you’re too damn hot.

I would go in your lost woods anytime.

“Hello, beautiful. Cupid must have shot me with a fire arrow”.

I must have defeated a boss because I just found a heart container.

Do you have a mirror shield because I can see me in your tunic?

“I’m gonna smash you tonight baby, and you know why? I’ve got the Triforce of Power!”

Hey girl, let me plant some magic beans in your soft soil 😉

Are you a Deku Nut because you’re stunning me.

How about we go to my place, and I’ll show you my hook-shot?

I’m going to need a larger bomb-bag cause the bomb in my pants is getting bigger and bigger.

Ay girl, I am going to explore your dungeon.

Even though we’re in the silent realm, I bet I can make you scream.

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